À Coeur Battant

Beating Heart

Although attached to his region, he is soon moving away for different trainings and

professions, with his music to soundtrack his adventures.

2019 is the year in which he decides to focus solely on his passion.

In less than a week he brings together a team of friends.

They are professionals with immense talent, they accompany him in his project with the

hope that it will be a success.

À Coeur Battant is an album full of his solar energy, his joie de vivre and his travels.

Tremendously in love with his city and region, the title of the album also takes the name

of the neighborhood that is historically known for music and where he walks every day

when he is in Besançon.

When he is not in his birthplace, EBO travels to the French capital but also the United

States of America, in search of new experiences and connections.

Not forgetting the goal of allowing his audience to discover his region, Franche-Comté,

that he knows and adores in many magical ways.

À Coeur Battant enfin disponible dans la boutique et sur toutes les plateformes !